Survive the Devastating Bushfires in Australia this Summer...

If you are Elderly or Disabled and live in an area at High Risk of Fire, then you might be Terrified about the Devastating Bushfires spreading throughout Australia, and the Risk they pose to your Survival especially with your Limited Mobility.

What would you do if you woke up one day to the Smell of Oaky Smoke, High Pitched Sirens and Blazing Bushfires?

It's probably not a scenario you want to envisage, but this highlights how Crucial it is for you to start Planning Now.

Don't wait till you Hear a Siren...

Don't wait till you Smell Smoke...

Don't wait till you See Fires...

Because by then, it could be too late...

At Mobility Shop Direct, we believe that Planning is the Key to Your Survival from Bushfires...

Step 1: Prepare Your Emergency Kit

During emergency situations such as bushfires, basic necessities may become unavailable, so it is vital that you prepare your Emergency Kit beforehand and you may want to include the following:

  • Your Medicines and Prescription
  • First Aid Kit
  • Overnight bag of Clothes, Toiletries and Sanitary Supplies
  • Adequate food and water
  • Documents such as Photo ID, Passport, Wills, Insurance Papers etc
  • Contact information of Doctor, Council, Power Company etc

Step 2: Prepare an Emergency Itinerary

  1. Where will you go?
  2. How will you travel there?
  3. What route will you take?
  4. What's your Backup Plan?

Step 3: Check Fire Danger Rating (FDR) Daily

If Fire Danger Rating is classed as 'Severe', 'Extreme' or 'Code Red' we highly recommend that you leave this area until it is safe to return, and find information from the Bureau of Meteorology:

Step 4: Before You Leave

  • Fill your vehicle up with Petrol
  • Notify Friends and family you are leaving
  • Turn off the Gas supply
  • Bring Emergency Kit
  • Bring Phone and Charger
  • Bring Wallet, Money, and Cards

Download Your FREE Bushfire Survival Planning Template Today and Survive the Devastating Australian Bushfires this Summer...

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