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Best Bath Boards

Bath boards are pieces of equipment that help the elderly and those with mobility challenges enter and exit the bathtub. They typically consist of a seat that spans the width of the bathtub and support legs that protrude over the edge. To provide additional comfort and support, bath boards may also incorporate arms or backrests. They are made to make it simpler for anyone with restricted mobility or injuries to enter and depart the bathtub safely without having to step over the high side of the tub.

Benefits of Bathboards

  1. Enhanced safety: Bath boards give you extra support and stability when you get in and out of the bathtub, lowering the chance that you'll trip and get hurt.
  2. Independence: Bath boards make it possible for people with mobility challenges to bathe on their own, without the help of a carer.
  3. Comfort: Some bath boards have armrests and backrests that can add to the comfort and support of the user when seated in the bathtub.
  4. Versatility: Some bath boards can also be used as a shower bench, giving persons who prefer to take showers rather than baths a safe seating choice.
  5. Bath boards are more affordable than bathroom remodelling when it comes to making bathrooms safer and more accessible for those with restricted mobility.
  6. Simple to instal: The majority of bath boards are simple to instal and may be used with the majority of conventional bathtubs without requiring extensive remodelling.


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