Best Raised Toilet Seats

If you or a loved one currently has problems sitting down or getting up from the toilet seat due to problems with arthritis, hip or knee problems, or another condition that affects mobility, then you may want to consider investing in a 'Raised Toilet Seat'.

Available in a range of materials such as foam, or plastic, and height ranges, they are designed to fit on top of standard toilet seats to increase the height of the seat and accommodate the needs of different users.

Benefits of Raised Toilet Seats

  1. Enhanced safety: When sitting down and standing up from a regular toilet, raised toilet seats lessen the chance of falls and accidents.
  2. Comfort: People who find it difficult to bend down or who have arthritis or other ailments that make it uncomfortable to sit on a conventional toilet seat may find additional comfort in raised toilet seats.
  3. Independence: By facilitating independent bathroom usage, raised toilet seats can assist people in maintaining their independence.
  4. Cost-effective: Raised toilet seats are far less expensive than building a new toilet or redesigning the bathroom, making them a cost-effective choice for people who want extra assistance in the bathroom.

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