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Best Bedside Rails for Elderly and Disabled People

Bedside safety rails also known as 'side rails' or 'assist rails' are a great addition to your bedroom if you currently struggle to get in or out of bed due to limited mobility caused by joint pain, decreased flexibility or morning stiffness. 

Although commonly used by seniors or the elderly, bedside rails can be used by any adults as well, especially if they are recovering from serious illnesses or injuries, and want to protect yourself from accidentally falling off your bed.

Bedside rails come in a range of models that attach to your bed in different ways and provide a secure platform for you to hold onto when you need to reposition yourself while lying in bed or need assistance getting up from your bed.

Bedside Safety Rail for Elderly

Benefits of Bedside Rails

  1. Protects you from falling off your bed.
  2. Assists you in repositioning yourself while lying in bed.
  3. Helps you get on and off your bed.

Beside Rails Features to Consider

  • Strength and Durability: Will the bedside safety rail be able to support your weight? It's best to choose a bedside safety rail that is strong enough to hold repetitive movement and gripping, and that is constructed out of steel.
  • Length: The higher your risk of falling, and the taller you are, the longer the length of bedside rail you'd want, but you'd need to ensure you can still access your bed easily.
  • Height: In order to safely and effectively get on and off your bed, you'll need to ensure that your bedside safety rail is at the right height level for your needs. Ideally, you want to choose a bedside rail that is 'Height Adjustable.'
  • Swingout Handles: Although not essential, many individuals prefer models with swingout handles that create a wider area of forwarding support when engaging in sitting to standing transitions.
  • Portability: Will you be doing any travelling? If so you may want to get a safety bed rail that is foldable, portable and easy to install.
  • Comfort: Is comfort important to you? If so you may want to opt for a bedside rail that features ergonomic handles, and padded grips.
  • Storage Pouch: Some bedside rails come with convenient storage pouches, where you can store personal items such as glasses, phone, and remote control close to you. This reduces the risk of reaching, bending and falling.

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