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Best Lightweight Walkers

If you love to spend time outdoors whether it be shopping, socialising, or going on a holiday, then you probably want a lightweight mobility walker that is easily foldable and portable.

A lightweight rollator will allow you to effortlessly lift your mobility walker and place it in the boot of your car and will minimise the amount of luggage weight when travelling on an aeroplane.

Although lightweight walkers are wonderful for the elderly and those that have minimal strength, they are a great choice for anyone that needs assistance with walking regardless of age, gender, or physical condition.

Lightweight Walkers Ideal for Travelling

Lightweight Rollator Walker Considerations

If you are wondering which lightweight walker is best for you it really depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Weight capacity: Ideally you want a lightweight rollator that can withstand your weight +20% as a buffer. For instance, if you weigh 90kg, then it is recommended to get a walker with weight capacity of 110kg.
  • Handle Bar Height: When using your rollator you want to ensure that you don't strain your back or hunch it forward because the rollator is too low or high. As a guideline, you want to aim for a minimum height that is similar to the length between the creases of your wrist and floor and that is adjustable.
  • Chair Width: The chair width plays a crucial role in ensuring comfortable sitting as and positioning of your arms. Ideally, you want a chair width is as wide as the widest part of your buttocks, hips or stomach plus a few extra centimetres on each side. As a guideline, we recommend choosing a chair width that is similar length to your shoulder width.
  • Chair Height: If you tend to get tired easily, then you will probably appreciate how your walker functions as a portable seat for you to sit on regardless of whether you are at the Pharmacy, watching your grandkids play football, or simply strolling at the park and need a rest. It is recommended that you choose a rollator with seat height similar to the back of your knees and floors so that you can sit comfortably.

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