Best Crutches

Crutches are the perfect walking aid for those that have injured their legs and need to transfer the weight to their upper bodies and to increase the size of their base of support. Crutches are available three different types:

  1. Underarm Crutches: Also known as Axilla Crutches are the most common crutches used and are positioned about 5cm below the armpits with elbows flexed at approximately 15 degrees.
  2. Forearm Crutches: Also known as Lofstrand Crutches, Elbow Crutches or Canadian Crutches help redistribute pressure and weight from the wrists to the forearms and are ideal for those that suffer from weak wrists.
  3. Gutter Crutches: Also known as Adjustable Arthritic Crutches or Forearm Support Crutches featuring padded support forearm support made up of metal, a strap and adjustable handpiece with rubber ferrule and are ideal for patients with Rheumatoid disease.

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