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Best Coccyx Cushions

If you have pain or discomfort around the coccyx area, then a coccyx cushion may just be the perfect solution to your problem! Also referred to as a tailbone cushion, these cushions are usually oval shaped and feature a hole in the centre, that allows your coccyx to not come in contact with the cushion.

Benefits of Coccyx Cushions

  1. Pain relief: By suspending your tailbone and evenly distributing your weight, coccyx cushions can greatly reduce pressure and in turn alleviate pain to your tailbone area.
  2. Improved posture: Many patients find that coccyx cushions assist with their posture while sitting, resulting in reduced muscle staing and fatigue.
  3. Pressure relief: By reducing pressure to the coccyx area these cushions are great if you suffer from pressure sores.
  4. Comfort: If you sit for long periods of time at the office, in your car, or on a wheelchair, then you will appreciate the cushioning and support coccyx cushions offer.
  5. Portable: Being small, compact and lightweight Coccyx Cushions are easy to take wherever you go and can easily fit in your bag or backpack.

Considerations Before Buying Coccyx Cushions

  • Size: It is recommended that cushion is wide enough to allow you to sit comfortably. As a general guide you need about 2-3cm gap on each side of your seat.
  • Material: Different materials such as foam, gel and air, provide different levels of support and pressure relief.

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