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Best Tilt Recline Wheelchairs

If you've ever sat in a position for a very long time, then you probably know how uncomfortable it is, and if you are a nurse or carer you probably know that having too much pressure in the one area for too long can cause pressure ulcers.

Tilt and Recline Wheelchairs are a great solution to prevent this from happening, and are designed to provide pressure relief and redistribution of pressure from one area such as the buttocks or thighs to another area such as the trunk or head.

These specialised wheelchairs can be adjusted to recline at various angles, to alter posture and release pressure from various body parts such as buttocks and back, and are ideal of those with spinal cord injuries, mobility issues, or other disorders that make it difficult to maintain good posture.

Benefits of Tilt Recline Wheelchairs

  1. Pressure relief: Tilt-reclining wheelchairs give the user the option to shift positions, which can ease pressure on various body parts, such as the legs or the back. By doing so, pressure sores and other problems may be avoided.
  2. Improved breathing: By allowing the user to recline at an angle that makes it easier to breathe, tilt-reclining wheelchairs can also help the user breathe better.
  3. Improved digestion: By allowing gravity to assist in passing food through the digestive system, reclining at a modest incline can also help to enhance digestion.
  4. Increased comfort: Users of tilt-recline wheelchairs are more comfortable since they can change their position to find the one that is most comfortable for them.
  5. Increased freedom: Because the user may modify their own position and carry out everyday tasks more easily, tilt-reclining wheelchairs can boost the user's independence.
  6. Better sleep: Users of tilt-recline wheelchairs can shift positions during the night, which can assist to minimise pressure sores and promote better sleep.

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