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Best Pedal Exercisers for Legs and Arms

Pedal exercisers are compact equipment that allow you to perform low impact exercises using your arms or legs safely and are ideal for the elderly who may be at greater risk of falling and injuring themselves.

Benefits of Pedal Exercisers

These equipment allow you to exercise while sitting down in the comfort of your chair, and are great way to improve circulation, coordination, muscle strength and range of motions.

In addition exercising using pedal exercisers can provide many health benefits such as:

  • Strengthen and tone muscle and joints, and reduce risk of arthritis.
  • Burn calories and maintain healthy weight.
  • Lower and maintain healthy blood pressure.
  • Improve circulation, metabolism and immunity.
  • Enhance mood and well being, and improve sleep.

Types of Pedal Exercisers

Pedal Exercisers are differentiated based on how resistance is generated and can be broken down into three main classed.

  1. Friction Pedal Exercisers utilize pressure on the inner rotating mechanism to adjust the level of resistance, and tend to be the cheapest.
  2. Magnetic Pedal Exercisers utilize magnets to generate resistance, and tend to be more silent and smoother.
  3. Motorized Pedal Exercisers utilize an in-built motor to generate resistance and are more sophisticated and expensive.

Senior using Pedal Exerciser

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