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Best Wheelchair Pressure Relief Cushion Buying Guide 2024

With hundreds of wheelchair cushions on the market, you might be overwhelmed and asking yourself "which wheelchair cushion should I get?"

Just like you need shoes to protect your feet, you also need a wheelchair cushion to protect your buttocks especially if you will be sitting for long periods of time.

Not only will the cushion make it more comfortable to sit, but it can also encourage proper body positioning, assist with posture control and reduce the likelihood of pressure ulcers.

How to Choose Pressure Relief Cushion for Your Wheelchair?

When choosing a Wheelchair Cushion there are many factors you need to take into consideration such as the material it is made out of, whether positioning support is required, the dimensions of your wheelchair, and your budget.

Different Types of Wheelchair Cushions.

In general Pressure Relief Cushions can be categorised into one of five main categories such as Foam Cushions, Gel Cushions, Air Cushions, Honeycomb Cushions and Alternative Pressure cushions.

Foam Wheelchair Cushions.

Foam cushions are ideal if you need something affordable, lightweight and low maintenance, and don't require much pressure relief or positioning support.

Shop Foam Wheelchair Cushions.

Gel Wheelchair Cushions.

Gel Wheelchair Cushions provide both a stable sitting surface and good pressure distribution, and the option of advanced positioning characteristics, but tend to be heavier than other cushions.

Air Wheelchair Cushions.

Air Wheelchair Cushions are ideal if 'Pressure Relief' is the most important factor for you, and allow you to adjust the air pressure and firmness to suit your needs. However, these cushions require you to check air levels daily, and don't offer the same stability and advanced positioning characteristics as the Gel Wheelchair Cushions.

Honeycomb wheelchair cushions.

Newly developed using the latest technology, honeycomb wheelchair cushions provide exception weight distribution without risk of leaking or puncturing and is ideal for those with incontinence problems as they can be cleaned using a washing machine and dryer.

Alternating Pressure Cushions.

Alternating Pressure Cushions are ideal for those that cannot adjust position on the wheelchair themselves, and automatically redistribute pressure to prevent sores from developing. These tend to be the most expensive and also require batteries to be recharged regularly.

Positioning Support for Wheelchair Cushions.

If you have a complex medical condition that requires positioning support, the great news is there are many options available such as Contoured, Anti-Thrust, Wedge, Pommel, Sacral Cut Out, No Lean and Amputee.

Things to Consider before Buying Pressure Relief Cushion for Wheelchair.

  • Who will be using the wheelchair cushion?
  • How big and how much do they weight?
  • How will the cushion be used?
  • How much pressure relief do is needed?
  • Will the user be able to adjust positions by themselves?
  • How much stability and support is needed?
  • Does the user suffer from incontinence problems?
  • What budget is available?

What are the Best Pressure Relief Cushions for Wheelchairs?

At Mobility Shop Direct we strive to sell only the very best wheelchair cushions on the market, and you can browse through our collection by clicking here.

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