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Best Daily Living Aids

If you need a bit of help with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming and eating, then daily living aids can empower you to maintain your independence and freedom. 

These products have been specifically designed to assist you if you have a disability, or have mobility issues, and include handi reachers, long handled sponges, car assistance handles, and much more. 

Benefits of Daily Living Aids

  1. Empowers you to live independently and maintain your autonomy
  2. Improves your overall safety and wellbeing when perform various tasks at home
  3. Reduce discomfort and strain from performing various activities
  4. Easy to use even if you have limited mobility
  5. Cost effective option compared to extensive home modifications

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$100.00 $80.00

Grip Reacher Tool

$50.00 $40.00

Ankle Resistance Harness

$45.00 $37.00

Ankle Resistance Tube

$45.36 $40.00

Super Stretching Strap

$36.41 $35.00

Foot Massage Roller

$45.00 $39.00

Hand Grip Strengthener

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