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Welcome to our collection of Wheelchair Scales, designed for individuals who require regular monitoring of their weight but are unable to stand on a traditional scale. Our wheelchair scales are ideal for elderly people and individuals with limited mobility, who may be bedridden or use a wheelchair.

Our wheelchair scales are easy to use, providing accurate and reliable weight readings. They are designed to be wheelchair-friendly, with a low-profile platform that can accommodate most wheelchair sizes. Our scales are also equipped with high weight capacities, ensuring that they can safely and accurately weigh individuals of all sizes.

Using our wheelchair scales provides many benefits. They allow individuals to monitor their weight from the comfort of their own wheelchair, without the need for transfer to a traditional scale. This is not only more convenient, but it also promotes a sense of independence and self-sufficiency. Additionally, regular weight monitoring is important for individuals with certain medical conditions, and our scales provide an easy and reliable way to track weight changes.

At Mobility Shop Direct, we are committed to empowering mobility, independence, and freedom. Our wheelchair scales are an essential tool for individuals who require regular weight monitoring but may be unable to stand on a traditional scale. Browse our collection today to find the perfect scale for your needs.

Mobility Shop Direct is your number one source for Wheelchair Scales. You’ll find only the Best Wheelchair Scales on our website. With full customer support, including lifetime expert advice, and a guaranteed low price, you can feel confident buying your Wheelchair Scales from Mobility Shop Direct.

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Wheelchair Scale with Two Ramps

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Wheelchair Scale with One Ramp

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