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Best Wild Goose Australia Products

Welcome to the Wild Goose Australia Collection at Mobility Shop Direct, where luxury meets craftsmanship. Wild Goose Australia is renowned for its premium sheepskin products, meticulously crafted from genuine Australian sheepskins. With a legacy spanning over 46 years, their expertise in handling and exporting raw sheepskins translates into products of unmatched quality and comfort.

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Why Choose Wild Goose Australia?

  • Premium Quality: Only the finest grade sheepskins are used, ensuring exceptional comfort and long-lasting value.
  • Expert Craftsmanship: Combining traditional value with classic craftsmanship, each product is a testament to Wild Goose Australia's commitment to excellence.
  • Reliable Service: With a reputation for excellent service and delivery, you can trust that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

From its humble beginnings over eleven years ago, Wild Goose Australia has grown into a prominent name in both domestic and international markets. Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in every product they create.

Explore the Wild Goose Australia Collection and indulge in the timeless comfort and elegance of genuine Australian sheepskin products.

Mobility Shop Direct is your number one source for Wild Goose Australia Products. You’ll find only the Best Wild Goose Australia Products on our website. With full customer support, including lifetime expert advice, and a guaranteed low price, you can feel confident buying your Wild Goose Australia Products from Mobility Shop Direct.

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$250.00 $175.00

Multi-Purpose Sheepskin Rug

$200.00 $130.00

Sheepskin Wrap Around Boot

$359.00 $299.00

Sheepskin Chair Cover

$250.00 $195.00

Sheepskin Wheelchair Cover

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