6 Tips to Reduce Your Risk of Falls at Home

Did You Know that Over 50% of Falls in Australia occur in the Home?

If you are elderly or disabled, then chances are that you spend the majority of your time at home, and if your house is very cluttered and not well maintained, then your chances of slips and falls is increased.

Fortunately, you can take some proactive steps towards making your home a safer place by going through our 6 Tips to Reduce Your Risk of Falls at Home.

Table of Contents

1: Reducing risk of falls in bedroom

  • Keep an easy to source of light near your bed e.g. lamp.
  • Remove any tripping hazards and loose items off the floor.
  • Use curtains or blinds to decrease daytime glare.
  • Install a bedside grab/rail if you are at risk of falling at night.
  • If bathroom is too far, get a bedside commode.

1: Reducing risk of falls in stairs and hallways

  • Ensure adequate lighting along the route from bedroom to bathroom (consider leaving lights on or installing night lights).
  • Install hand rails to hold onto when climbing up and down stairs.
  • Apply anti-slip strips to the edges of each stairs for extra grip.
  • Replace any torn carpets and remove/secure rugs and matts.

4: Reducing risk of falls in bathroom

  • Utilise non-slip bath mats on floors near tub or shower.
  • Install grab bars near toilet and inside bathtub and shower.
  • Place a seat riser on the toilet to make it easier to get on and off it.
  • Use a shower chair and handheld shower head while bathing.

3: Reducing risk of falls in kitchen

5: Reducing risk of falls in living room

  • Move cords and other objects out of the hallways.
  • Use a cushion or stand assists if your chair is too low to stand from.
  • Keep frequently used items within reach.
  • Remove throw rugs and mats or have them secured.
  • Check where your pets are before you move.

6: Reducing risk of falls outdoors

  • Repair cracked sidewalks.
  • Install handrails and antislip strips on stairs and steps.
  • Trim shrubbery along the pathway to your home.
  • Install adequate lighting by doorways and along walkways to doors.

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