Reduce Your Risk of Falling at Home

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Reduce Your Risk of Falling at Home

Did You Know that Over 50% of Falls in Australia occur in the Home?

Follow this Step-by-Step Guide to Prevent Falling at Home regardless of your age or your health status.

Reducing Risk of Falls in Your Bedroom.

  • Keep an easy to source of light near your bed e.g. lamp.
  • Remove any tripping hazards and loose items off the floor.
  • Use curtains or blinds to decrease daytime glare.
  • Install a bedside grab/rail if you are at risk of falling at night.
  • If bathroom is too far, get a bedside commode.

Reducing Risk of Falls around Stairs and Hallways.

  • Ensure adequate lighting along the route from bedroom to bathroom (consider leaving lights on or installing night lights).
  • Install hand rails to hold onto when climbing up and down stairs.
  • Apply anti-slip strips to the edges of each stairs for extra grip.
  • Replace any torn carpets and remove/secure rugs and matts.

Reducing Risk of Falls in the Bathroom.

  • Utilise non-slip bath mats on floors near tub or shower.
  • Install grab bars near toilet and inside bathtub and shower.
  • Place a seat riser on the toilet to make it easier to get on and off it.
  • Use a shower chair and handheld shower head while bathing.

Reducing Risk of Falls in the Kitchen.

  • Move things so they’re within easy reach so that you avoid climbing onto a kitchen chair.
  • Use dining chairs that have armrests and no wheels.
  • Don’t clean with a high-gloss wax floor protector.

Reducing Risk of Falls in the Living Room.

  • Move cords and other objects out of the hallways.
  • Use a cushion or stand assists if your chair is too low to stand from.
  • Keep frequently used items within reach.
  • Remove throw rugs and mats or have them secured.
  • Check where your pets are before you move.

Reducing Risk of Falls in Outdoors.

  • Repair cracked sidewalks.
  • Install handrails and antislip strips on stairs and steps.
  • Trim shrubbery along the pathway to your home.
  • Install adequate lighting by doorways and along walkways to doors.

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