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How to Choose the Best Over Bed Pole Hoist Monkey Bar for your Home

There are various aspects to consider when selecting an over bed pole to help you get in and out of your bed safely and independently such as weight capacity, height of handle, and it's overall design.

Weight Capacity of Over Bed Pole

Amongst one of the most important factors to consider to use Over Bed Poles safely is the weight capacity. Ideally you want your over bed pole to have a weight capacity of more than 120% times your weight. 

For instance, if you are 100kg you want to look for an overbed pole with weight capacity of at least 120kg,

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Height of Over Bed Pole Handle

In addition to weight capacity of over bed pole, you also need to ensure the handle is adjustable to a height that is easy for you to grab without having to strain your back or neck.

As a general guide a handle height of 109-132cm is suitable for most users and beds, but you would have to lie down on your bed and put your hands up in the air, and measure the distance of your hands to the flood to confirm suitability.

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Design of Over Bed Pole

When choosing an over bed pole, you need to ensure it will fit in your bedroom but also have a wide enough base for stability and to prevent toppling over. 

Over Bed Pole Conclusion

In conclusion, there are main factors to take into consideration when choosing an over bed pole to help you reposition yourself while in bed, or assist you with getting in and out of bed, include weight capacity, handle height and design.

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over bed poles are ideal if you want to get in and out of bed safely or want to reposition yourself to a more comfortable position, and prevent pressure ulcers from occuring

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