3 Types of Mobility Aids to Help You Stay Mobile

If your mobility has been compromised due to injury or old age, then you may need to consider using a mobility aid to stay mobile. By staying mobile you can continue with your day to day activities, and participate in social gatherings.

But to reap all the benefits of mobility aids, you need to choose the right one to suit you specific needs and also:

  • Provides proper postural support
  • Is easily adjusted to your specific height
  • Is safe to use for your weight range

Today we'll focus on the three types of mobility aids and the role they play in promoting mobility and wellbeing. 

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1: Balance Aids

Couple Walking in Street with Walking Stick

Balance aids are ideal if you can still walk but may struggle to maintain your balance.

The most common balance aids are walking sticks, which provide support when walking, but may also be used to provide a helping hand when standing up from a sitting position.

It should be noted that walking sticks are limited by the fact they only support one side of the body, and if not adjust properly could cause wrist, shoulder and back problems.

At Mobility Shop Direct, we highly recommend using Walkers instead if you have problems with maintaining balance, as these mobility devices are safer to use as they provide support on both sides of your body, and make it easier for you to carry goods such as your water bottle, wallet, phone, and groceries.

In addition, walkers also provide you with the convenience of sitting down when you are tired regardless of whether you are walking down the street, waiting in line for a prescription, or watching your grandkids at the park.

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2: Support Aids

Support aids such as crutches are ideal if you are unable to walk with both legs due to injury, but can still support yourself with one leg.

The most common support aids are underarm crutches, which are positioned under your armpit and extend all the way to the ground, and act as your second legs.

However, if you suffer from weak wrists then you may want to consider forearm crutches instead, which redistribute pressure and weight from your wrists to your forearms instead.

In addition to underarm crutches and forearm crutches, there are many other types of crutches such as Gutter Arm Crutches and Knee Crutches. 

Crutches Help Speed Up Healing Process of Injured Leg

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3: Transport Aids

If you lack the upper body strength to use crutches or are unable to use either legs, then transport aids such as manual wheelchairs are a great option.

Available in both attendant propelled and self propelled versions, there are wheelchairs to suit your body type and physical capabilities.

In general self propelled wheelchairs are great if you want to maintain your independence and have the upper body strength to push yourself.

On the other hand, if you need a carer to assist you, then an attendant propelled wheelchair would be a much better option as it much lighter and easier to transport, and is narrower and easier to manoeuvre especially indoors.

If you're not sure which wheelchair to get, here are our two best sellers along with what some happy customers had to say about them:

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For more options, information and assistance, you can visit our online store at Mobility Shop Direct. For a guide on everything you need to know about buying a wheelchair, check out our Best Wheelchair Buying Guide 2023 blog post.

About Mobility Shop Direct

Founded in 2019 by David Thiu, Mobility Shop Direct is a mobility aid store dedicated to providing easy access to mobility aids and related information. 

At Mobility Shop Direct, we’re passionate about the mobility aids we sell and our customers. As such, it’s our goal to be the most customer-oriented brand in the mobility aid field. 

We do this through our guiding principles, which set us apart from the competition. These principles include the following:

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At Mobility Shop Direct, our mission is simple. We want to help you maintain your mobility and independence, and we appreciate the crucial role mobility aids play in that. 

We also understand that buying a mobility aid is a significant investment, and want to make the process as easy as possible. 

Place your order today through our online shop and experience our world-class customer support. You can also call us if you have any questions at 1300 132 952, or send us an email at support@mobilityshopdirect.com.au.

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